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<---Fundraising to help the fight against mental health issues and stress

    Innerflow Stress therapy uses effective and transformational methods in stress      management, self-leadership, coaching and transformational management.

         Research shows that mental maturity is easier when you are a safe person with good self-esteem, then youcan show compassion, warmth in          relationships, give more love, deeperfriendships and identify with others more. Togetherness is important to feelmentally good and social support          and social conditions do good for health.

         Invest in yourself to create the person you want to be, the role model who you once look up at. Stinas method of Sustainable Self-leadership is one          of many effective methods to make your journey successfull in self-leadership, personal development and stress management.

         Find your trueself and the meaning of life for you, contact Stina Helenefors 070-112 7565 to change your life forever.

Finding your true self is just the beginning of the rest of your amazing life and if you listen to your heart more than your brain, your life will be the way you want it, deep down. Dreams can change and therefore you need to listen to your heart regularly. When you feel harmony in body and soul in what you do in your free time, the people you hang out with and with your job, you know something has happened.
On the one hand, you feel harmony because you have taken control of your life – you have put yourself in the driver's seat.

On the one hand, you feel harmony because the screaming child inside you has finally been listened to. Your inner true self is satisfied, and it shines in both your body and soul.

Life is a journey to find your true self, once you've done it hold it in your heart. Don't let go.

Stina Helenefors

About Stina Helenefors

Stina is an Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host, Speaker and Stresstherapist. She is the founder of Innerflow and the creator of stress relief programs and personal analysis. She helps clients with finding their true selves and living a purposeful life.

With a life long interest and experience in personal development. She is a specialist in finding the meaning of life, your innervoice and helps people that what help to get from point a to point b. You really have the potential with an inner quest to find you call in life, through personal development, meditation and getting rid of negative thoughts that affect your health. We all have some negative baggage we walk and carry, but what if we could get rid of them forever through meditation, self-analysis and movement? Stina specializes in the inner and outer balance to help people get free of stress, burnout and negative thoughts that hinder the true self, health and psyche. To dare to step into the uncertain and discover that there are new doors to open to new experiences that are much better. And dare to listen to your inner voice with the right methods, things will go in the direction where you want in life. Then it is necessary to make one's self-leadership sustainable. When you really decide to choose a new path in life and take the step towards it, then something happens within us. Sustainable self-leadership is about giving energy to different areas of life that trigger the drive to succeed. There are a number of areas that include self-leadership and that you will find by actively working with your personal development, self-analysis and even getting help with mental training to see your goal.

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